PC 100% Cricket Powder: Sustainable Protein Alternative

Diana Chan March 14, 2018 product

President’s Choice launch their 100% Cricket Powder as a protein alternative in their PC’s Insiders Collection this Spring. I was really curious when I saw this as it’s still faux pas in North America to eat insects.

Why Cricket Powder?

What a lot of people don’t realize is that crickets are a nutritious, versatile food option that is high in protein, magnesium, iron and vitamin B12.

Besides being nutritious, they require less land to produce, uses up less resources like water, and produces less CO2 compared to farming cows. Definitely very sustainable especially when 80% of the world’s population incorporates insects into their diet.

Inside the Package

Inside each pouch is 113g of ground up crickets farmed locally in Canada.  The finely ground cricket powder has a mild malty and earthy taste. You can create smoothies, sauces, chili, curries and baking batters with the cricket powder if you want to add extra nutritional value.

Make a Smoothie

I used half a tablespoon of it in my berry smoothie with almond milk. It’s quick to make and you can throw in any frozen fruits that you have in the fridge.

Check out this recipe for Strawberry Banana Cricket Powder Smoothies using only 5 ingredients.

Where to buy

The PC 100% Cricket powder retails for $13.99 and can be found at stores where PC products are sold.


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