Pazzo Chow: New Italian Restaurant in Chinatown

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Pazzo Chow is the newest restaurant to open up in Chinatown. They serve up Italian food in their cosy little restaurant.

You can expect home-cooked Italian food for takeout or eating in the restaurant. They also serve espresso, homemade focaccia bread, salads, snacks, Brown Paper Packages Ice Cream, etc.

I came here with my coworkers – Janers and Mags to check this cute place out.


The space is really small. So there is one table inside and 2 table outside. It’s not a place for large groups.


The menu changes daily, so you never know what will be featured on the menu.


While you wait, there are a few items you can purchase from their grocery section.

They have carefully selected range of local and Italian-made and inspired goods that allow them to share their love of good food and great products with their customers.


The owners select fine quality products that have rich history and are not easily, if at all, found elsewhere in Vancouver. Many of the products are used in their menu too.


Fresh Focaccia with Nutella ($2) we got them to cut it up into 3 pieces since Janers and Mags wanted to share. It was a good decision to share since there is only so much Nutella we handle for lunch. They did not skimp on the nutella and there was tons of it! Yum Yum Yum!

We found that the salt on the focaccia balanced very well with the sweet nutella.


Bowl of Fresh pasta with focaccia ($8) had a few sauces to choose from. The pasta was al dente and was a good size for lunch.


Spinach with BBQ Pork, walnuts and water chestnuts ($7.50) was one of their featured salads. It looked amazing, but I felt there was a but too much sauce for the salad, so at the bottom, the leaves were drenched.


Salted Pistachio ($4.25/scoop) the ice cream was very smooth and the addition of the salted pistachio were delicious.

Janers and Mags didn’t want me to write about Pazzo Chow because they feared this little gem would be packed at lunch. But, in true blogger style, I had to share this little restaurant with my amazing readers. Pazzo Chow is a nice place to stop for a quick lunch if you work around this area.

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620 Quebec Street Vancouver BC


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