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Diana Chan October 7, 2014 Canadian, Fairview, Three Beakers


Where do Vancouverites go for all things omelettes? Paul’s Place Omelettery Restaurant serves all day breakfast and all day lunch. We came early in the morning and there was already a line up of people waiting to be seated. It is located just off of the Granville Street bridge.

I’ve heard of this place before but hadn’t come here until JK took M and I here. Making new friends and discovering new restaurants around town.


Lots of seats downstairs. There’s a staircase that goes upstairs but I have no idea where it leads to.


Coffee is necessary to fuel to sleepy minds of people who haven’t had breakfast yet.


3 Cheese Omelette ($7.25) is made with a blend of cheddar, edam & cream cheese. The eggs used are B.C. Free Run Eggs. It is served with your choice of toast. You can also add $1.50 for pan fries.


Florentine Omelette ($9.75) has shiitake, oyster, button mushrooms sautéed with garlic, onions, spinach and feta. M chose his toast to be whole grain. The omelette is folded together nicely, but it wasn’t as big as I had imagined.

It tasted good , but the omelette was quite thin, but that means you get a lot more toppings than egg. The portions are a bit small, so if you are a big eater, you might want to order an extra side dish.


Side of Sausage ($2.95) comes with 1.5 sausages.


Meatlover Omelette ($10.25) has bacon, oktoberfest sausage, ham, onions, cheddar, edam and romano cheese. Very good item with lots of meat.


Zimmer ($9.75) is one of their specialty items and it comes with avocado, sauteed mushrooms, cream cheese, 2 free run poached eggs
on toasted rye bread topped with cheese sauce and alfalfa sprouts.

Overall, is pretty good, but may not make you super full. The quality of the omelettes are great, but the omelette is a bit on the thin side. The food is simple and nothing fancy.

We Rate Paul’s Place Omelettery

2211 Granville St
Vancouver, BC


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