Paris Baguette Cafe: Fetching Milk Bread

Diana Chan August 26, 2012 Bakery, Incheon

I was running around the airport at Seoul International Airport in Incheon and M kept telling me I had to try the milk bread at Paris Baguette.

Paris Baguette has over 2,900 stores across Korea and with several locations around the world. The bakery was founded in the 1950s as a small family business, but grew over the decades to become what it is today. They specialize in Korean and Japanese-style breads.

The Milk Bread is one of their most popular item and it’s made of flour, butter, sugar, salt, water, milk, egg, and yeast. I grabbed a loaf of it and hand carried it back to Hong Kong. My mom kept telling me to just stuff it into a bag, but I took a lot of care into making sure it didn’t get squished. After the 3 hr flight and a long bus ride, the Milk bread made it safely on our dining table.

The bread does taste a little bit different, but it’s very delicious. I can’t put my finger on why it was good, but I would definitely get some more. It’s good by itself or toasted. My little sister love it so much that she ate half the bag.

Various locations in South Korea, and all over the world


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