Pacific Poke: Now Open in Kitsilano

Diana Chan September 15, 2018 Fusion, Hawaiian, Kitsilano, Seafood

Pacific Poke has opened their newest location in Kitsilano, which makes 5 locations in British Columbia and Alberta with more on the way. Since 2016 at their original location in Chinatown, they have grown quickly by serving up poke with a Vancouver twist.

You can choose to build your own poke bowls or choose a premade one off their menu.


The space is pretty narrow, so there are only so many seats inside. Some people eat here and some take it to-go.

They also do delivery too if you need the convenience.


Build Your Own Poke Bowl


You start with deciding if you want a regular or large bowl.

The regular gives you 2 protein choices and 3 toppings. The large gets 3 proteins and 4 topping choices. Most people can do regular but if you’re a big eater, large is good for you.

Once you choose the size, you can choose your base:

  • organic brown rice
  • traditional sushi rice
  • quinoa salad base
  • kale salad base

You can mix it up too with half kale salad and brown rice if you want a bit of both.

There are a lot of protein choices, but my faves are usually sockeye salmon and ahi tuna.

Here are all their protein options:

  • sockeye salmon
  • spicy sockeye salmon
  • ahi tuna
  • spicy ahi tuna
  • crab & shrimp
  • ahi negitoro (ahi tuna belly)
  • seasonal selection varies

Next are the delicious toppings, which I find are pretty unique compared to other places in town:

  • cucumber & jicama
  • tomato kimchi
  • pickled red onion
  • spicy seaweed
  • beets & basil
  • jalapeno salsa
  • organic seaweed salad
  • fresh wasabi peas
  • avocado nori
  • tobiko

Don’t forget the sauce to coat your protein and toppings:

  • sesame miso dressing
  • citrus mayo
  • spicy mayo
  • pacific ponzu
  • wasabi mayo
  • sesame shoyu
  • ludicrous hot

Lastly the crunchy toppings. I personally love the wasabi crunch, but they are all pretty good as it adds texture to the bowl.

Once you’ve built your poke bowl, eat and enjoy!

The Main

The Main is one of their chef creations and a great choice if you’re indecisive on what ingredients to add to your bowl. This has sockeye salmon, spicy ahi tuna, crab & shrimp, jicama & cucumber, avocado nori, organic seaweed salad, citrus mayo, sesame miso dressing, shoyu, yuzu & lime juice, and herbs & sprouts.

Definitely a lot of ingredients packed in here and they all go so well together.


After you build your bowl, they tempt you with their awesome beverages – Coco Panda, Yuzu Lemonade, Mango Mint Lemonade, and Yuzu Lemon Tea. All delicious with my favourite being the Yuzu Lemon Tea as my go to.

This time, we had the Coco Panda, which has coconut milk, pandan leaf and young coconut juice. Super delicious and refreshing with the subtle flavour of pandan.

Final Thoughts

Overall, solid poke options at Pacific Poke. One of my favourites in town as it gives you more unique topping choices. Plus their drinks are delicious.

2151 W 4th Ave, Vancouver, BC


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