ORU: Breakfast Buffet with Benny Bar


Oru has a benny bar! Seeing that my friends and I have been on the hunt for the best Eggs Benny around Vancouver, we needed to make a stop here.  When coming to Oru for breakfast/brunch, you have the option of ordering off the menu or partaking in the breakfast buffet.

Since the crab benny alone is $27 and the breakfast buffet is $33….we thought we might as well go for the buffet to get our moneys worth since drinks are also included.

The buffet includes house-made bacon, sausage, ham, breakfast wraps, sandwiches, build-your-own omelette, benny bar, potato hash, fruit, cheese, charcuterie, fresh pastries, parfait, cereals and a lot more.

It is only available on Saturday & Sunday from 11:30am – 2:00pm. There is no time limit, so you can stay the entire time.


Oru’s dining are is beautiful and it’s perfect for any special occasion or just a nice hangout with friends.


Each table had a beautiful rose and it really was a delight to see them using real flowers.


The benny bar, you can request eggs any way you like, build an omelette and of course choose your own eggs benny.


Crab Benny was a must since we wanted to get our money’s worth at the buffet. The english muffin is toasted and topped with crab meat, poached egg and hollandaise sauce.


You can order any amount of bennies you want. So, if you don’t want 2, you can just go for a singular one.


Crispy pork benny was my favourite. The pork belly was oozing with flavour and its delicious fat. Mmmm so good!


You can fill up on bread, lots of bread.


Many types of bread.


You have a large selection of cooked dishes.


There is french toast and waffles.


Bacon and sausages!


There is also smoked salmon cream cheese bagels. Beside it was also a pile of smoked salmon if you don’t want the carbs.


We grabbed a lot of protein on our plates.


Lots of meat!




Assorted cereals and toppings.


You have a fruit, cheese and meat section.


This was my favourite item from the fruit section, berries with chantilly cream. There’s blueberries. blackberries. strawberries and raspberries.


You can also order tea, coffee and juice. Their juices are freshly squeezed and really delicious. You can choose from apple, orange, grapefruit. and cranberry.


The service is really great and accommodating. They gave us little bottles of tabasco sauce and ketchup.


Many little pastries.




Sugar Buns!


I went for the almond croissant, chocolate croissant and some more smoked salmon.

Overall, we had a great experience at Oru. The food can be a hit or a miss, but you have a good selection. What made it a great experience was the service! Our server made sure we had everything and if there was something we were craving and they didn’t have it in the buffet, we would be able to make special requests to the kitchen. How amazing is that? My friend wanted plain donuts and they only had cinnamon powdered donuts, so the kitchen was able to make her a batch of plain donuts. When we thought only a few pieces would arrive at our table, we got 2 bowls of donuts! They were nice enough to let us pack it to go. I’m sure if you wanted a grilled cheese, you can ask them to make it.

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Vancouver, BC


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