Onyx Steakhouse and Lounge: All About 40 Day Aged Steaks

Diana Chan January 30, 2012 Four Beakers, Port Moody, Steakhouse

Foodology Disclaimer: I was invited by the owners to try out their restaurant. I brought along 3 friends to really keep this review as unbiased as possible! This review does not guarantee 100% similar service you might normally get from this restaurant.

ONYX Steakhouse and Lounge is located in the Suter Brook Village close to Ioco Road in Port Moody. They specialize in steaks and are known for their signature 40 day aged angus beef steaks. I don’t think I’ve heard of any other place that ages their meat for so long.

The inside is very cozy and has a little bit of a modern and hip ambiance about this place. It has 2 floors and is great for large parties.

The complementary bread is slightly crispy on the outside and the inside is very warm and pillowy. It also comes with herb butter. Mandu was quoted saying “I honestly think this is the best bread ever”! Hands down, this has to be one of the best breads we have had from a restaurants.

Sleeman Honey Brown came bottled, but the server poured into these super cool tall cups. So much classier than just serving it with the bottle. It’s a smooth full-bodied lager with a subtle taste of honey.

Earl Grey Tea comes with a package of mighty leaf tea. You also get a pot of hot water, sugar and milk.

Saganaki ($9.95) is deep-fried cheese. It is coated in panko crumbs, with grand marnier orange compote in a brandy flambée on top of the cheese. The cheese was nice and gooey with a nutty taste, which matched well with the compote on top.

Calamari ($11.95) is served with preserved lemon sriracha tzatziki. This dish was quite average and there wasn’t anything too special compared to other restaurants. It probably could have used a touch of more salt to it.

Top Sirloin 7oz & Lobster Tail ($36.90) is served with a dijon herb compound butter on top. There is also a large onion ring too. The lobster was cooked perfectly and the sirloin was medium rare. KoreanGirl couldn’t stop eating it since it was so good.

Fraser Valley trout stuffed with crab and shrimp, then pan seared with beurre blanc, which is a white wine butter sauce. This was their fish special of the day. There is also the large onion ring on top as well. The fish was cooked nicely, but I didn’t feel the crab and shrimp added much flavour to the dish. There were still a few bones inside too. It just tasted like a mash of seafood. I didn’t take a particular liking to the dish, but I guess that’s why this is a steakhouse.

Filet Mignon 10oz ($33.90) is served with a bacon mushroom demi glaze on top. The meat is very tender and you can really tell its a very good cut of meat. They ordered it medium rare and it came out perfectly as well. Mandu and CanuckGirl quite enjoyed it.

Bacon Almond Brussel Sprouts ($5.90) The brussel sprouts were a but on the small side for some reason. Nonetheless, the bacon added a nice taste to the brussel sprouts. The almond didn’t really shine through but i did add a nice texture.

House Made Gnocchi ($6.95) was delicious! It’s not your regular size of gnocchi that’s for sure. It is a bit larger, but the texture is very light and pillowy. I personally really liked it and was my favorite out of all the side dishes.

Organic Yam Gratin ($7.60) are very average and similar to other places I’ve tried. Mandu seemed to really like them since she really wanted yam fries.

Creme Brulee Trio ($7.70) comes with 3 flavours – dark chocolate, baileys, and tahitian vanilla bean. It’s a great dessert to share since it has a little bit of everything. When you break into the top of the creme brulee, it makes that amazing cracking sound. Underneath is the delicious creamy creme brulee. Everyone had their favorite flavour, which they loved…so it’s a dessert that can satisfy a bunch of different taste buds.

Chocolate Sticky Toffee Pudding ($7.70) has chocolate toffee sauce and french vanilla ice cream on top. KoreanGirl and CanuckGirl loved this dessert! It wasn’t like a pudding at all. It seemed more like a warm chocolate cake with caramel and ice cream. It was still really good!

Overall, great experience dining at ONYX. There are a few items that are very intriguing on the menu such as the Bacon Stuffed Filet Mignon Burger and Prime Rib Hash. I’ll probably head back to ONYX for some brunch in the near future!

Words of Wisdom:

  • Free Parking on street
  • Prices similar to The Keg, but steaks are of higher quality and taste!
  • Delicious desserts, best to share
  • Offers brunch

We Rate Onyx Steakhouse and Lounge


#7 – 101 Morrisey Road
Port Moody, BC

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  1. Buddha Boy January 31, 2012 at 10:51 am

    buerre blanc sauce is a butter and white wine (sometimes vinegar) sauce. It’s a ‘go to’ type of sauce with fish. easy to make, and very rich and yummy.

    • DesignGirl February 1, 2012 at 2:33 pm

      Thanks! I totally forgot to include the word wine. oops!

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