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Being environmentally conscious isn’t just trendy, it’s necessary. I try to be environmentally friendly by reducing the waste I put into the garbage, being resourceful by re-purposing or reusing items, and by recycling. Keurig revolutionized the way people make their coffee. It’s convenient, it’s fast and it’s simple. When you’re in a rush, pop in a K-Cup pod into a Keurig, push a button, and there you have it, your single-serve coffee. This was awesome, but the plastic that the pods were made of were could not be recycled, thus causing a waste problem.

100% fully compostable coffee pods

Not to fear, OneCoffee is here with their first, 100% fully compostable coffee pods. With consumers becoming more environmentally conscious, it’s great that a coffee company has reduced its waste by making a product that will not contribute to the landfill.

OneCoffee showcased its 100% compostable single-serve coffee pods during brunch at Cafe Medina. It was a journey for OneCoffee to get its product out to market, and they had been improving on their product for years. The company started out with a 90% biodegradable pod, which moved up to being 99% biodegradable, to finally being 100% compostable. The term “compostable” refers to the capability of being broken down by bacteria and other microorganisms, and returning to the earth as nutrient soil.

I was amused by the quotes that were on the biodegradable pods. One read, “Lots of flavour, little footprint”, while another had the message, “Made of good beans & good deeds.” The little sayings were cute and friendly reminders of the good OneCoffee does, and the good you’re doing as a consumer by choosing OneCoffee’s product. No guilt here!

Guests were given three types of coffee blends to try: the Colombian Blend, the Ethiopian Blend, and the Sumatran Blend. Both the Colombian and Ethiopian Blends are a medium roast coffee, while the Sumatran Blend is a dark roast coffee. To further enhance the tasting experience, OneCoffee paired three of its coffees with dishes from Cafe Medina’a brunch menu.

Paella with Sumatran Blend

I had the Paella, which was paired with OneCoffee’s Sumatran Blend, and Roman had the Fricassée, which was also paired with the Sumatran Blend. The Sumatran Blend complimented the spicy heat of the Paella with it’s earthy, smoky and slightly fruity notes. Of the three blends, I liked the Ethiopian Blend the most because of it floral, fruity and wine-y notes.

Fricassée with Sumatran Blend

Liege-style waffles

I especially enjoyed it with the dessert: Liege-style waffles with a milk chocolate lavender mocha sauce (which was also infused with OneCoffee).

Where to buy

What if you like the taste of coffee, but don’t want the effect so caffeine? OneCoffee offers Decaf so you can still get your coffee-taste fix. There are 7 different kinds of coffee that you can try, including the Breakfast Blend, French Roast and Peruvian Blend (in addition to the ones mentioned earlier). You can find OneCoffee at Whole Foods, Marketplace IGA and Superstore (just to name a few locations).

So the next time you crave a good cup of organic, sustainable single-serve coffee, grab a box of OneCoffee. Your tastebuds (and the planet), will thank you.


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