Old Dutch Foods: Dutch Gourmet Chips

Diana Chan July 2, 2014 product


Some of us are familiar with Old Dutch Chips from our childhood. I would have boxes and boxes of them when I was a kid. Chips are always my favourite snack.

A few years ago, Old Dutch launched their signature line of chips – Dutch Gourmet that features low sodium, clean seasonings, indulgent gourmet flavours, and the full flavour of a Gourmet Rip-L “Thick Cut” Potato Chip.

There are 4 flavours – Sea Salt, Slow Cooked Ribs, Szechwan, and Honey Dijon Vinaigrette. M and I just grabbed the sea salt flavour since we were not interested in the other flavours. It retails for about $5.49 and it is quite a large bag.


The ripple-cut chips are thick and super crunchy. What I love most about these chips is how they are actually low sodium and you can taste the difference between these chips and other ones. I liked these!


Eh, it’s not super good for you since they are chips and not health food.


Another cool feature is the ziplock seal at the top. No more finding elastic bands or folding the bag over. This comes in very very handy.


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