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Diana Chan June 15, 2014 Canadian, Distillery, East Village, Four Beakers


After work, my amazing coworker took us on an adventure in the East Village. We stopped at Odd Society Spirits for a few drinks and a tour of their distillery. On a Friday evening, this place was lively with people socializing and having a few drinks.

Odd Society is a small-batch craft distillery on Powell Street and they are dedicated in combining Old World distilling traditions with New World ingredients to create their signature whiskey, vodka and gin.


You can try some of their creations on their menu. It’s not a large list, but you have a good amount of items to choose from so you can get a taste of what they produce.


Razzle basil (Pitcher- $24) is made with East Van Vodka, cassis, lime, basil and soda. This was sweet and refreshing! A great item to order in the summer.


East Side Sunrise ($9) is made with East Van Vodka, an orange infusion, eastern spice, orgeat, lemon, egg white and blood orange soda. Some say this taste like a creamsicle, but I have to disagree. The eastern spice threw me off.

Some people really love it but it wasn’t for me.


Once we had a few drinks, we decided to take a tour of the distillery. It’s not a large space, so they can only do it in groups of 10. It was definitely cool to see the process of how it all comes together.

Tours begin Friday, Saturday and Sunday at 4pm and there are no reservations needed. It’s also free. Just ask them kindly and you’ll be able to see the distillery and get a tour.


Canadian Single Malt Casks can be seen on a bunch of shelves and it will age at the distillery for 3 years until it’s ready to be bottled. It’s 30 litres and costs about $1,350. As 3 years is a long time, they give you the opportunity to follow the aging process and taste the product periodically during tasting events.


Their signature East Van Vodka looks pretty cool. It is made from 100% malted barley from Prince George and malted in Armstrong. Then, it’s sent here to be distilled twice in small batches. It is lightly fragrant, sweet smelling and tastes smooth.


When you are looking through the distillery, you will see their beautiful 350-litre copper pots used in the distilling process.


There are a lot of crazy contraptions. If they ever make you taste the liquid going into the bucket, it’s like 90% alcohol. It’s crazy strong!!!! We dipped our finger into it to taste it. Some of us thought they were making their own moonshine.

Overall, it was a great place to go with friends for a drink. It’s definitely unique and not the typical place to go to.

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1725 Powell St Vancouver BC


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