Ocean Empire: Congee at Hong Kong Airport

Diana Chan July 29, 2012 Chek Lap Kok, Chinese, Fast Food, One Beaker

Heading to the airport for a red-eye flight to Korea makes a person skip dinner. We headed off to Ocean Empire at the airport for a quick dinner before our flight. We didn’t know what to choose since there were a good amount of options available. We eventually chose Ocean Empire because they were serving congee. We’ve been eating so much dim sum that we thought this would be a healthier option.

We ordered a variety of different congees and some side dishes.

Chinese donut wrapped in rice roll with soy sauce was disgusting. It wasn’t very fresh and the donut was a bit stale.

Fried Noodles was cold and was lacking in flavour.

Radish Cake was hot, but wasn’t very impressive tasting. It didn’t have a lot of ingredients embedded inside either.

All the differing congees that we ordered basically sucked. It had minimal flavour and is essentially fast food congee. They just dump in the ingredients you want in a generic congee soup.

Overall, I was not impressed by the quality at all. It was barely passable and the attitude of the staff was horrible. The cashier seemed like he was always yelling at the cooks to be quiet.

Words of Wisdom:

  • Just don’t eat here unless you’re desperate
We Rate Ocean Empire:

Arrivals, Level 5, Terminal 1, Hong Kong International Airport,
Chek Lap Kok, Hong Kong


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