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Diana Chan May 2, 2015 Downtown, Japanese, Sushi, Two Beakers


O Sushi is located right by Vancouver City Centre Skytrain. I’ve always walked by in the past never thinking much about this restaurant. A few days ago when my coworker suggested this place for lunch and I thought I should give this place a chance and have lunch here.


They were having technical issues with their TVs, so there was a technician working on them during the lunch hour rush. Probably not a normal occurrence, but it didn’t seem to bother anyone.


The menu is pretty simple with a few combos, specialty rolls and bento boxes. They also so healthier options with black rice. Nothing out of the ordinary, but it has what you need for lunch.


You order up at the counter and then you are given an electronic device that buzzes when your order is ready at the counter.


Sashimi Bento ($11.75) has your choice of chicken or beef teriyaki on rice, 4 pieces of sashimi, tempura and salad. It was a decent bento box if you’re looking for a quick lunch in the Downtown area. The quality was average and you can tell by the ingredients they use. There are canned mandarine oranges on the salad with a citrus dressing.

The tempura had quite a lot of bland batter. It could have used a bit more salt. The tuna and salmon sashimi were good but the other sashimi that came with it was more tough and chewy. Chicken Teriyaki was pretty meh.

Decent, but not greatest or worst bento box I’ve had. My other coworkers got udon and the specialty rolls and they thought it was decent too.

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742 Granville Street
Vancouver, BC


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