No 1 Brand Original Instant Thai Iced Tea Mix: Review

Diana Chan August 16, 2018 product

I love Thai Iced Tea and occasionally make it at home from scratch with the tea leaves. My friend came back from Thailand with some of their Instant Thai Iced Tea mix. I was intrigued since I wanted to see if I can cut down the time of making a yummy drink within minutes.

Looking at the package, it is mostly in Thai, except a small paragraph.

“Put 1 sachet of Instant Thai Tea mix into a up of 200ml hot water and stir. Then you can enjoy a cup of hot that tea or add ice to give you a glass of delicious Thai Iced Tea.”

I followed those instruction on the package and voila, Thai Iced Tea in minutes, but the big determining factor for this is if it tastes good.

Upon the first few sips, it is really really sweet. A bit too sweet for my personal tastes. I usually make mine with less sugar so I can taste of the tea aroma.

It’s definitely a handy product if you want instant Thai Tea, but the taste is subpar.



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