Nice Vice: Vancouver’s Dairy-Free, Plant-Based Micro Creamery


Nice Vice is Vancouver’s dairy-free, plant-based micro creamery. I first saw them at the Vancouver’s Farmers Market in their Nice Vice Van. They sell premium, dairy-free vice cream to Vancouverites with various flavours.


When I was there, they had 4 flavours:

  • Chocoholics Anonymous
  • Strawberry Fiends Forever
  • Tripped Out Tropical
  • Lemonhead

4oz for $5 or 16oz for $10


I went with the Chocoholics Anonymous (4oz – $5). I chose this flavour as it is a good base test to see how it compares to chocolate ice cream.

Their containers are made out of straw so they are 100% sustainable, recyclable, and compostable.


Since the ice cream was still pretty cold when I got it, they advised us to let it sit for 10 minutes to soften before eating.


Once it thawed a bit, it was not bad for dairy- free ice cream definitely better than others.

Since I can eat dairy, I would still prefer the regular stuff. For those that do have a dairy allergy, it is a good option. From my dairy-free friends, they have said it’s a good relief to have something close to ice cream so they aren’t in pain afterwards or have to pop lactose pills.


If you don’t catch them in their van, they currently have a temporary shop at McArthur Glen Designer Outlet in Richmond until September 7th.


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