Nice Cafe: Nice Breakfast and Delicious Mushrooms

Diana Chan September 6, 2011 Brunch, Cafe, Mount Pleasant/Main Street, Three Beakers

Nice Cafe is another Vancouver hot spot for cheap delicious brunch! It’s cheap, it’s affordable, and it’s not just a pile of crap… the food looks pretty good.

The interior is not the most pretty place in the world, so don’t expect anything fancy. There is a row of tables down the middle and a few booths.

If you don’t mind the interior, you will find that Nice Cafe is a nice place to go on a Saturday or Sunday morning.

Coffee ($1.60) is a norm for anyone that hates walking up before noon. I plan my weekends out where I make no plans until after 1pm…. unless something good is going on… like brunch with good company.

The coffee is refillable, but they don’t have soy option instead of the usual cream or milk.

2 eggs, hashbrowns, toast, sausage ($4.60) also known as the all day breakfast. It’s probably the most popular item since it’s cheap and you get a generous amount of food. The sausages are beautifully butterflied and grilled up! The hash browns are nice and crispy on the outside. It’s your typical breakfast, nothing fancy shmancy.

Side of mushrooms ($0.75) is a must at Nice Cafe. Obviously, if you hate mushrooms with a passion, you shouldn’t force yourself to eat it.

It is grilled and the flavours really come out! It kinda tastes a bit nutty. Yum.

 Spinach & Feta Omelette ($6.10) it comes with hash browns and toast.  For that price, it’s not bad!

Overall, pretty good price for what you get. The food is so much better than Bon’s Off Broadway….and looks better too!

Word of Wisdom:

  • Line up early to avoid line ups
  • All Day Breakfast is the most popular item
  • Free parking along adjacent streets
  • Under $10
  • Side of Mushrooms!

We rate Nice Cafe: 

They are located at:

Mount Pleasant/Main Street
154 E 8th Ave
Vancouver, BC

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