New Mitzie’s Restaurant 美斯餐廳: HK Cafe in Chinatown

Diana Chan January 20, 2015 Cafe, Chinatown, Chinese, Three Beakers


New Mitzie’s Restaurant is located in the heart of Chinatown in Vancouver. I feel like I’ve been to Mitzie’s when I was a kid as my parents would come to this area all the time. The interior seemed like it was stuck in the 90’s. I’m not sure what happened to Old Mitzie’s but maybe there were some ownership changes.

The servers were nice and spoke good English.


It’s a Hong Kong style cafe with western breakfast and burgers. I was pleasantly surprised.


Hot Milk Tea is a classic for Hong Kong Style Cafes. I can’t live without it.


Porkchop, 2 eggs, hashbrown and toast is a large breakfast dish.


2 slices of bread toasted and then buttered. There is strawberry jam on the side too.


Black Pepper Beef with Crispy noodle in Skillet all the noodles were very crispy and it was kinda like eating instant noodle blocks. The sauce on top didn’t soften up the noodles too much.


Pork Chop, vegetables and egg with teriyaki sauce was one of the lunch specials. It looked almost the same as the pork chop breakfast M ordered except its vegetables instead of hashbrowns.

Overall, it’s decent but don’t expect too much. Meals are cheap and you will get full, but not the best Chinese food out there.

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179 E Pender St
Vancouver, BC

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