New India Buffet: Largest Indian Buffet in Vancouver

Diana Chan August 1, 2018 Buffet, Fairview, Indian

New India Buffet is located in Vancouver and they have a large buffet with over 70 items and it’s all you can eat. They aren’t the largest Indian Buffet in the Lower Mainland, but they have a good variety of curries. They even have vegetarian and vegan dishes, which is great to suit those with different dietary needs. The prices are fair with dinner prices around $20.

If you don’t want to dine in, they have take out options too for pick up and delivery. There are some free parking spots for the restaurant but there are still ample 2 hour free parking on side streets.


The interior can seat up to 200 people and has tables for small to large groups. This used to be an Earls, so their interior is nice. They even have a really large bar if you want to watch the game or have a drink.


Starting the night off with mango lassi is a great start. It is a traditional Indian yogurt drink and its a way to cool yourself down from any spicy curries. It isn’t included in the buffet as its an extra $4.95.

The Buffet

They definitely don’t boast as much variety as Flaming Tandoori in Delta- Surrey but they have a good range of curries that are really the star of the show.

There is an area for salads to get you started before diving into the richer items on the menu.

Crispy veggie pakoras is a classic item on the menu that you must grab a piece of. They also have french fries, samosa, and spring rolls if you want something else thats deep-fried.

Curries go great with naan or rice. Both great options.

Don’t forget the dessert like the Gulab Jamun, which are milk balls dipped in honey syrup.

What’s on the plate?

A proper buffet requires many trips back to the buffet line to try new things and each time, you discover something new.

Our favourite items of the evening was the naan, butter chicken, lamb curry, fish curry, egg curry, mutter paneer, chicken Manchurian and tandoori chicken. Also, don’t forget to get come Papadom, which are these thin, crisp, disc-shaped crackers. Crazy addictive.

As it’s a buffet, there is endless amounts that you can try. The only thing that may hold you back is your stomach space. hahaha.

Tandoori chicken

There is another menu where you can order specialty items like the Tandoori Chicken served on a sizzling plate. The chicken is marinated in yogurt and spices, then cooked in a hot clay oven.

Final Thoughts

There are some good options if you want a buffet or not. Prices are fair and it’s good they can seat up to 200 people for any occasion.

901 W Broadway, Vancouver, BC


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