Nat Bailey Stadium: 3-Foot-Long Yard Hot Dog and More

Diana Chan August 28, 2016 American, Event, Riley Park/Little Mountain


Nat Bailey Stadium has cranked up some cool menu items for the 2016 Vancouver Canadians baseball games. From baseball game classics like burgers and nachos to sushi and the new 3-foot-long Yard Dog, the Nat has something for all fans.


When at the game, grabbing a drink or food item is part of the whole baseball experience. Since the games start at 6pm, it’s prime eating time.

We got a chance to try out a few of their signature items that are a hit with fans.


Smoked Brisket Sandwich


Smoked brisket sandwich is a popular item to eat during the game. Easy to eat when its tender and juicy. It comes with a bag of chips on the side too.


The brisket is rubbed for 24 hours with Regional Executive Chef O’Brien Tingling’s secret home recipe then smoked for 15 hours and is ready to be served when the doors open at 6pm on game days.

3-foot-long Yard Dog


The new 3-foot-long Yard Dog has only just been introduced to the stadium this season. In the previous year, they’ve only offered 2-foot-long hot dogs, but they knew they had to step it up. This all-beef giant is perfect for splitting between 4 -6 people.


Or if you are super ambitious, you can try eating it yourself. It’s an huge hot dog, but they couldn’t acquire a large enough bun for the 3 foot hot dog, so they have 2 2-foot buns from a local bakery. They are trying hard to see if they can source a 3-foot bun thats fits better for the next season.

If you aren’t up to the challenge, they have 1 foot or 2 foot hot dog options.



Nachos are a game day staple, cover it with a lot of cheese and toppings to make it amazing. Easy item to share too.



Pretzels are another traditional game day favourite. A pretzel in one hand and a beer in the other.

Ice Cream


I scream, you scream, we all scream for ice cream. You can get an ice cold treat in a Canadian’s Baseball cap cup. We got the mint chocolate chip ice cream housed in that super cut cup. With the hot summers, have a nice cold ice cream for the kids in a great accompaniment.

Beer and other alcoholic beverages


Speaking of beers, they have a large variety of domestic and international beers. Whistler Brewing has a few of their beers here. They also have Hey Y’All hard iced tea for those who want a little something something without a strong alcohol taste.


Food and drinks are an essential part of the game with the Vancouver Canadians. Of course the game itself is entertaining when someone hits a home run or when people strike out. They also have fun things to engage fans beside food, like, their bobblehead giveaways.




4575 Clancy Loranger Way, Vancouver, BC

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