[Sneak Peek] Nana’s Green Tea in Vancouver BC

Diana Chan May 26, 2018 Cafe, Dessert, Japanese, Kerrisdale

Nana’s Green Tea is opening in Vancouver, BC on June 6th, 2018. Nana’s opened in Tokyo 10 years ago and is a Japanese cafe specializing in all things matcha. Matcha is powdered green tea popularly used in drinks and desserts. All the green tea leaves at nana’s are sourced from Kyoto, a production centre of high quality matcha. I personally love it and I first had Nana’s in Honolulu and damn, it was good.

There are 79 other locations around the world and they are aiming for 100 by 2019. Hopefully that means more locations in Vancouver and the rest of Canada.


The space is very narrow and deep. There is more seating in the back if you want to spend some time here enjoying your meal.

The design of the space is mostly wood and stainless steel with black and white walls. I like the art work on the walls as it reminds you of tea leaves with the variations of green colour.


Matcha Chocolate Latte

This is a smaller version of what would be served normally. You can get this iced or hot. It is made with the base of a matcha latte with whipped cream and chocolate.

Hoji-cha Shiratama Float

This was our favourite of the 3 we tried. The rice flour dumplings add a nice  chewy texture.The hoji-cha ice cream and latte have such good  deep tea flavours. Highly recommended.

Azuki Strawberry Latte

If you are a red bean fan, this might be for you. There is some strawberry syrup in the bottom with red beans. As the red beans are at the bottom, you suck them up in your straw like bubble tea. Unfortunately, this was my least favourite since I personally don’t like red bean.

Fresh Tuna with Curry Tartar Sauce Donburi

If you want something savoury, they have donburi bowls. This was amazing. The rice was very soft, the tuna was fresh and lightly marinated. There is also some veggies and then topped with curry tartar sauce. Man, if they put the curry tartar sauce between two pieces of bread, I would eat it all the time. It is also served with miso soup too. There is lots of seaweed in it too, which is nice.

Matcha Shiratama Parfait

One of the most popular and photogenic dessert is their matcha shiratama parfait. This is made of layers of matcha syrup, matcha pudding, vanilla soft serve, corn flakes, rice flour dumplings, azuki paste, matcha ice cream, whipped cream and more matcha syrup. This is the ultimate matcha dessert to share with friends.

Matcha Roll Cake

The matcha roll cake has a matcha sponge cake, then rolled in whipped cream and an intense centre of more matcha with a strong bitter taste. Watch out if you’re eating this as there is so much matcha that it may stain your lips.

Matcha Gateau Chocolat

This cake was surprisingly really good. It doesn’t look like much but it has a good balance of matcha and sweetness.

Final Thoughts

Nana’s Green Tea is a great addition to the Kerrisdale neighbourhood and I was pleasantly happy with the quality of their sweet and savoury dishes. They open on June 6th, 2018, so I can foresee line ups for the first week of opening.

Address: 2135 W 41st Ave, Vancouver, BC


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