Nabebugyo Hot Pot: Individual Hot Pot in Vancouver


Nabebugyo is a Japanese-style hot pot restaurant where you will get your own individual hot pot instead of sharing a big hot pot. My friends and I decided to come here after work to just give it a try.



There is a large bar looking seating, but its hard sitting there as a group. They have a few tables on the side, so we opted to sit there. Each seat, there are the individual stoves for you to cook your meal.


Individual Hot Pot


All hot pot orders come with rice, seaweed salad and ice cream for dinner. If you are here for lunch, you just won’t get the ice cream.

The seaweed salad arrived first and it was a nice start to the meal. It is cold and has bits of sesame seeds in it.


I went with the Soy Milk broth. It comes with sliced pork, assorted veggies, shimeji mushrooms, enoki mushrooms, tofu, cup of soy milk and udon. The pot first comes with the kombu broth.

They have other flavours of hot pots, but I didn’t feel like anything too salty, so the soy milk was a good option.


I had the choice of beef or pork, but I went with pork. Look at all that delicious pork.


First, we waited for the pot to come to a boil before putting some of the veggies inside.


They told me to put in some veggies and meat in first or else the soy milk will boil over.


Once you pour in the soy milk, it becomes the delicious milky broth.


After it cooked, I left it on a simmer so I could enjoy it with my rice. The broth was very delicious.


You can add more ingredients on the side if it’s not enough. I found that what we received was a good portion. It hit the right spot, but I can see that some people may want more.


You can choose from vanilla, strawberry, banana fudge or green tea ice cream. Of course I gravitated towards green tea ice cream. How would I say no? It was a nice cold treat to end the hot pot meal.


Tipping isn’t required here as per Japanese customs, but since they were so nice, we decided to tip them.

Overall, the food was good and I liked their version of individual hot pot. The taste was clean the ingredients they use are pretty good. They also have a kids hot pot, so its good if you are with kids.

We rate Nabebugyo Hot Pot35rating

3190 Cambie Street, Vancouver, BC


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