Myung Dong Kal Gook Soo (Korean Knife Cut Noodles)

Diana Chan March 9, 2011 Coquitlam, Korean, Three Beakers

Fabo took M and I here after class. We wanted to go to the House of Tofu soup but unfortunately it was closed. We didn’t know where else to eat dinner, so she suggested Myung Dong Kal Gook Soo. It is located in a mini mall near Hamnam Grocery store. It is kinda like an open food court but just for this restaurant. It is known well to Koreans as having authentic Knife Cut Noodles.

I was super skeptical when she brought us here because I had no idea what knife cut noodles were. I could just imagine a bowl of knives with kimchi. Eventually I did lighten up once I saw the pictures of the food. hehehe.

This little place seats about 30 people and all items are under $10.

Then menu is located on the board, you probably would want Google search on your phone to figure out what is on the menu. Or, you can do what I do and keep a Korean on hand at all times to do my bidding and translating.

Along with your meal, you get the side dishes – kimchi and sweet potatoes.

We started off with the Wang Mandu – King Dumping ($8.55). This is a HUGE dumpling! It is filled with pork, chives and other items. It is the size of 1/2 of a baseball, it was packed with meat , so much meat.

M ordered the Bulgogi Dub Bob – Fire Meat on Rice ($7.95). It is beef and some vegetables over rice. It also comes with an egg drop soup.

Fabo and I both had the Karl Gook Soo – Knife cut noodles ($7.60). This was a massive bowl of noodles MASSIVE. You could probably split one between two people. They really give you your moneys worth. The dish has the knife noodles, beef, carrots and zucchini. The broth was a nice bone soup.

I really couldn’t finish my bowl and I felt super bad, so I just drank all the soup.

Words of Wisdom:

  • Authentic Korean Knife Cute Noodles
  • Under $10
  • Free parking

We Rate Myung Dong Kal Gook Soo:


103 – 4501 North Road
Burnaby, BC

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  • Mmmm.. looks good! I miss cheap Korean food court food !

    Wanna lend me your human translator? ^^ I remember being in Korea and sort of accidentally ordered two HUGE orders of intestines… At least we got the soju right : )

  • DesignGirl

    Hahaha. Were the intestines delicious at least?
    Good thing Vancouver has so much good korean food!

  • Hey foodology……. I live in this area, loves me some noodles, although I cannot read Korean at all and I was wondering if you would kindly let me know if this particularly restaurant is vegetarian friendly or not?
    Thanks a bunch. : )

  • DesignGirl

    I am not 100% how vegetarian friendly the place is, but you can always try asking them not to put meat into your dish.

    Since I do believe they make their soup stock in large batches, avoiding pork bones in the broth may be an issue depending on what type of vegetarian you are.