Mr. Sub: When I only have Credit Cards

Diana Chan April 11, 2011 North Burnaby, Sandwich, Two Beakers

I went to class and realized I did not have my wallet. All I had on me was a credit card. I called my mom to find my wallet but it wasn’t at home. When I pack to go to school, I usually do it all blindly. I have no idea whats in my bag except my laptop, paper and pens. I vaguely remember holding my wallet, but it was not with me. Since I had to be at school for over 6 hours, I really needed some form of currency to get food to eat. I went into my car and successfully found my wallet! BUT I left all my cards and cash in another jacket! Oh I was so sad!!

There are very limited places to get food at SFU with a credit card. Most places take debt and cash. I also did not want to walk all the way to Cornerstone for food, so I just went to the Maggie Benson Centre for Mr. Sub.

I got the small Cheddar Club on Multigrain bread with a combo. I chose a coke and Jalapeno & Cheddar chips.

It is no Subway, but it’s decent enough.

Obviously, the sub is not very pretty looking. When they were making it, it didn’t seem this ugly. But looking at this photo, it’s quite ugly. Since you can’t see what is inside, there is roast beef, bacon, ham, turkey, lettuce, tomato,tzatziki sauce, ranch sauce, olives, onions, cucumber, mushrooms, peppers, pineapples, salt & pepper.

I’m not a picky person, so I just asked for all the ingredients to be on it. Even though it had everything on it, it still seemed a bit small. The people who work there are students, so they don’t really care to too much about the quality. The sandwich was decent, it wasn’t toasted long enough, so there really isn’t too much purpose to grilling it if its not going be crisp on the outside. This meal did fill me up, but it wasn’t the best.

If you ask me if I prefer Subway or Mr. Sub, I am indifferent about both. There are really pro and cons of each.

What do you prefer? Mr. Sub or Subway?

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8888 University Drive
Burnaby, BC


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