Mr. Ho’s Wonton House: Came for Noodles, Got Rice Instead

Diana Chan June 3, 2011 Chinese, South Burnaby, Three Beakers

It’s no surprise to you that I like to go out to eat during game days to avoid the crazy Canucks madness. I am a horrible Vancouverite, but my love of eating is stronger than suffering from anxiety of watching the Canucks games.

M and I went out to Mr. Ho’s Wonton House on Kingsway after watching a movie at Metrotown. I have not been here in years and I do love Chinese food. On the ride from Metrotown, he wanted to go to all these fast food places and I shut down all of his suggestions until we go to Mr. Ho’s. KFC and Subway are not good dinner choices….*sigh.* men…..

I really wanted to get noodles since Kung Fu Panda 2 since it just seemed right to do so. Unfortunately, if I was going to a ramen place, I would have gotten noodles. I saw some of the rice items on Mr. Ho’s menu and that drew my attention… plus noodle at Mr. Ho’s can’t be that amazing.

I think I am a sucker when it comes to Asian themed things such as interior décor. I loved their walls.

Like any Chinese place, you get tea! I also love tea.

M and I started off with the Fried Wontons (6pieces -$4.25). These were huge! We expected the tiny fried wontons…but these were like UFOs. These were so crispy and the best part is the wonton skin…the filling was tiny and very tough to chew, which I found odd.

I ate the whole wonton and I kept asking M why there wasn’t any meat inside. Apparently there was, but I didn’t notice I ate it. Hahaha.

Then he had the Sweet and sour pork with pineapple on rice ($7.25). M loved this sweet and sour pork. One thing that I found this dish was suffering from was the gigantic size of the vegetables. One slice of onion is bigger than the piece of pork. Nonetheless, M still enjoyed it and ate it all.

I had the Prawns with swirl egg on rice ($8.75).  Did I ever tell you I love Love LOVE prawns? Ya, that’s why I got this dish. What I usually worry about saucy dishes with rice is the ratio between the sauce and the rice. If there is not enough sauce to go along with the rice, this just makes me sad. My perfect dish would have more sauce than is needed to eat with the rice.

I loved this dish because I had more sauce and the sauce was pretty good. The prawns and the peas were quite decent.

We also go fortune cookies!

Overall, we had a good dinner here. It wasn’t the best chinese food I have ever ate, but it was decent. There were a few people dining here even though it was a game day. They even brought out a TV since some customers wanted to see the game.

Words of Wisdom:

  • Under $10
  • Free parking on adjacent roads
  • Good for large groups

We Rate Mr. Ho’s Wonton House


6731 Kingsway
Burnaby, BC

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