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Diana Chan February 25, 2011 North Burnaby, Pub/Bar, Three Beakers

If you go to Simon Fraser University on the Burnaby Campus, I am sure you have heard about Mountain Shadow Pub. It is just 3 bus stops away and it’s were you go when you want to party, watch the game, or even devour some cheap lunch/dinner.

Mountain Shadow has a lot of weekly specials. My favorite days to come here are Tuesday and Wednesday because it’s WINGS NIGHT! What more could university students want? Cheap food, alcohol, and great company.

I started off relaxing with a pint of Stella Artois (~$7). Stella Artois is a European lager from Belgium. It is golden in color and has an exceptional clarity. The crisp, refreshing flavour of Stella pairs well with flavoured food such as wings. The bitterness cuts through sauces.

Even though the wings are 25 cents per wing, you have to order then in pounds rather than ordering 3 of this and 3 of that.

I ordered one pound of Salt and Pepper ($3) and a pound of hot ($3). I prefer these over the other choices – Honey Garlic, BBQ, Thai, and Teriyaki because those are heavily drenched in sauces and do make your hands very sticky and super dirty.

All the wings are prepared by frying them in the deep frier and then putting their sauces and/or spice onto the wings. Most places that do have the 25 cent wings deal tend to have very tiny sizes for the wings and drumettes. As for the sizes at Mountain Shadow, the sizes were decent, a woman can get really full by have 2 pounds of wings.

The salt and pepper was seasoned well, so there was not too much salt.

The hot was not extremely hot, if you can deal with a little bit of hot, you should be alright. What I usually do to cut down the amount of hotness in my mouth, is to eat one salt & pepper wing, then a hot, and then salt & pepper, and then hot again. This way, the amount of hot does not accumulate.

Words of Wisdom:

  • Reservations are best on game days for large groups
  • 25 cent wings on Tues and Wed
  • Lots of free parking
  • Not a place to take your family – mostly a university scene
  • Located in a residential area
  • Student Club fundraising events on Fri/Sat Night

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7174 Barnet Rd
Burnaby, BC


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