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Diana Chan August 15, 2013 Chinese, Downtown, Four Beakers, WestCoast

Mosaic: Spot Prawn Tasting Menu

Mosaic always has a special Chef Tasting Menu by Chef Thomas Heinrich with a specific theme. This time it was a Chinese inspired menu. I thought it was pretty interesting for him to pull off a Chinese menu. I had to put my taste buds to the test and see how it would be possible.

The restaurant is located in the Hyatt Vancouver (2nd floor) on Burrard and Georgia Street. They specialize in locally sourced produce, sustainable seafood and choice ingredients with careful and creative preparation.

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Mosaic Chinese

Looking at the menu, it’s not all Chinese, it’s a mix of different asian cuisines. From Shanghai to Taiwanese.

Mosaic Chinese

Birds Nest Soup was on the menu. As some of you know, birds nest isn’t cheap. He gives you a nice portioned sampler and it’s sweet, light and has a dash of coconut milk.

Mosaic Chinese

Chinese Salad was one of my favourite dishes of the night. Even though there is no salad types of dishes in Chinese Cuisine, he made it happen with some classic Chinese ingredients. There were snow fungus, chestnuts, bamboo shoots, Sichuan peppers, crispy lotus root chips with a nice vinaigrette.

The vinaigrette really pulls everything together.

Mosaic Chinese

Matsutake mushrooms or Pine Mushrooms just arrived in the kitchen, so the Chef had to give us a taste. It’s a mushroom that is highly sought after in asia. The mushroom is quite meaty and absorbs the flavours that its cooked in.

I love mushrooms!

Mosaic Chinese

Xiao Long Bao came on a great presentation with 3 spot prawn and pork dumplings in the bamboo basket. Unfortunately, the skin was thick and fell apart easily. It’s not an easy item to master, but next time you have dumplings around town, its a labour of love.

Mosaic Chinese

Maopo Doufu has spiced Szechuan pork sauce and topped with fried noodles. I’ve had Mapo Tofu a bunch of times in restaurants but this was my absolutely my favourite. Usually the tofu is cut up in little squares but I liked it as a big piece. Really yummy stuff.

Mosaic Chinese

House-made Brom Lake Peking Duck is made with a gluten-free pancake with flattened crispy duck skin on top and a brush of Hoisin sauce. The duck tasted delicious but I wasn’t a fan of the soft and fluffy pancake.

Mosaic Chinese

Mango Tapioca Gelee basically exploded on to the mirrored plate with coconut bits, lychee, crisp mung beans and mango coulis. It was a unique twist on the usual mango pudding found during dim sum. You can mix some of the ingredients together to enjoy the variety of textures.

Overall, really cool concept and I loved his twist on traditional asian cuisine. His next chefs menu is Italian with 5 courses from August 15th till September 5th. It’s a menu you don’t want to miss. The prices are very fair around $40 and $60 for wine pairings. Highly recommended!

Words of Wisdom:

  • Follow @CheftHeinrich on twitter, You can be up to date on new menus that he launches at Mosaic
  • Steps away from Burrard Skytrain
  • Free Mosaic Chocolate Cake on your birthday
  • Beef Carpaccio is a must!
  • Great service

We Rate Mosaic

655 Burrard St
Vancouver, BC


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