Diana Chan October 29, 2010 Bar and Grill, Coquitlam, Three Beakers

Montana’s is your go to place when you want ALL YOU CAN EAT RIBS on Wednesdays. Imagine pigging out on rack, after rack, after rack…you will feel super stuffed and probably get meat sweats. Sadly, today was Monday so M and I had to settle for some normal steaks and burgers for a very late lunch. When you walk inside, everything is wooden, wooden walls, wooden chairs, wooden pillars, wooden floors,….everything is wooden!! Wood fest.

Look at that all you can eat section  of the menu. Makes me scared already (once I had 3.5 racks..for a women thats A LOT)

Looking at the menu, I like visuals so I know what to expect. M was in a meaty mood and I was in a “lunchtime burger” mood.

To start off our meal, we had a coke ($3)…not much to say there. Coke is coke and it came in a cup.

M got the Grilled Rib Eye ($25.99). It came with coleslaw, mashed potatoes and cajun onions. M got his steak medium rare as usual. He thought the cajun onions were good and the steak was well made. In my opinion, for the price of $25.99, you could get a better steak at The Keg…

i had the Chipotle Firecracker Sirloin Burger ($11.99) and it had chipotle honey BBQ sauce topped with bacon, cajun onions, melted colby cheese, and fried jalapenos. The burger was huge! I wouldn’t fit it in my mouth (Thats what she said). It also came with a choice of side salad or fries. It was a decent burger.

This was the damage of the bill, $49 for 2 people on a lunch, thats a bit steep. i blame M’s Rib Eye.

Words of Wisdom:

  • If you go for all you can eat ribs, the service is slow so you may not get your $$ worth. Order multiple racks at a time
  • Burgers are decent, can go wrong with that

I enjoy Montanas for a good lunch, but they are not the best at steaks or ribs. If you want better meats, probably should go to The Keg, or Gothams, or where ever else they specialize in meats.

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