Moltaqa Moroccan Restaurant in Vancouver: Review

Diana Chan February 22, 2019 Gastown, moroccan

Moltaqa Moroccan restaurant is located near Gastown and there aren’t that many Moroccan restaurants in Vancouver. When I saw it, I knew I had to come with my friend for lunch. I love trying out different cuisines and explore cuisines out of the ordinary.


The interior is nice and I love the window seating as there is so much natural light. The small touches to the interior decor is very nice too.

Lunch Menu

Vegetable Pastilla

This was a dish I had the most issues as this was $15.75 as it has shredded vegetables inside in a Phyllo pastry and topped with cinnamon and powdered sugar. This was one of the most expensive dishes and it wasn’t that large either. It’s about the same price as the other dishes. Not recommended.

Chicken Merguez Couscous

This has 2 halal sausage, chicken, and served on a bed of couscous and roasted vegetables. This was one of my favourite dishes as the sauce just brings everything together and the price was very fair for what you get. You will be full from this. Recommended!

Halal Lamb Shank Apricot Tagine

This has seasonal vegetables with the fall off the bone lamb shank. One of their popular items. It also comes with a side of couscous to eat with that delicious sauce. A good hearty meal!

Cumin Lamb and Roasted Vegetables Sandwiches

The sandwich was very good with feta cheese inside, the cumin lamb, and lots of roasted vegetables in the nice bun. Good flavours but we did notice the lamb was a bit on the dry side.

Final Thoughts

Overall, it’s great to try Moroccan cuisine in Vancouver. There really aren’t that many around, so it was good to try something new. The flavours here were solid but there were a few hits and misses.

51 W Hastings St, Vancouver, BC


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