M&M’s Chocolate Bars Launches in North America

Diana Chan October 13, 2018 product

M&M’s is launching their new line of chocolate bars as of October 4th and will be widely available across Canada in 2019.

These are available in 5 different varieties:

  • Peanut
  • Milk Chocolate
  • Crispy
  • Almond
  • Crispy Mint

The M&M’s Chocolate Bars consist of smooth milk chocolate with whole M&M Minis visible throughout a large, molded and sharable bar format.

Each piece has an ideal ratio of creamy milk chocolate and M&M minis. There is a crunch in every bite.


Inside the milk chocolate bar, there are the Mini’s as well as peanuts. This was my favourite of the bunch as the texture from the Mini’s and peanuts go so well together.

Milk Chocolate

The classic milk chocolate bar with Mini’s. Uncomplicated and simple for the milk chocolate lover.


Another delicious combination with Mini’s and crisp rice. Great for texture as you chimp down on each piece.


Another nutty variety with bits of almond and Mini’s. This was good too. The almond was subtle and not as strong as the peanuts.

Crispy Mint

When you open the package, the fragrance of mint will envelop your senses. Combined with the Mini’s and crisp rice, this might just be for you.

Final Thoughts

It’s interesting that they launched 5 varieties of the bar instead of just one to cater to those with different preferences. If you see them at your local store, definitely pick one up and share it with friends.


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