Food Network Canada’s Recipe to Riches: Mini Cheesy Bees’ Nest

Diana Chan December 3, 2012 Food for Thought, product

Mini Cheesy Bees’ Nest was the Week 1 winner of Food Network Canada’s Recipe to Riches for their cakes, puddings, and pie category. Jason Keary is from Saint John, New Brunswick and created the recipe from random items in the kitchen.

Jason had one of the most unusual jobs among the Recipe to Riches finalists as he used to ‘repel’ for a living, accessing tricky places by rope for repair. He once did it in full contamination gear repaired inside a nuclear power reactor and describes it as the “coolest job ever.”

Jason’s love of cooking permeates his life, but when he’s not in the kitchen he makes jewelry out of antique silverware.

My mom is totally in love with the show, so she brought a bunch of items from Superstore to try. This product can be found at any Presidents Choice stores across Canada for $7.99 in the frozen food section.

The box comes with 12 pieces, the size of little tarts. The mini cheese Bees’ Nest is made of cream cheese, mixed berry coulis and shredded cheese wrapped in phyllo pastry.

It didn’t take that long to bake and make sure you don’t turn on the temperature too high or else they will burn fast. You can either cook it in those mini muffin tins or on a sheet pan. You can’t go wrong.

The mini cheese bees’ nests were bite-size and easy to pop into your mouth. It reminded me of baked cheesecakes. It was a very interesting combination of ingredients but in the end it just tasted like cheesecake with jam on top.

The recipe is on the Food Network website here.

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