Milssam Tacorea: Korean-Mexican Fusion in Yaletown

Paulina Tsui December 5, 2018 Fusion, Korean, Mexican, Yaletown

Nothing says comfort food like tacos and fried chicken. Milssam Tacorea brings another iteration of Korean-Mexican fusion to the city. This time in the heart of Yaletown at 1130 Mainland Street. The spot is cozy with a big fire pit up front, a selection of booth, regular table and communal table seats and a projector for hockey games.

Sister restaurant to Damso Korean Restaurant and Mr. Osmad Souffle Cheesecake in the West End, Milssam brings favorites from both, like the cheesecake that gives Uncle Tetsu’s a run for their money, while creating new dishes for taco lovers.


My favorite taco of theirs, pictured in the middle above, is the cauliflower one. Taking inspiration from the classic Korean saucy noodle dish jjajangmyeon, the taco features warm and crunchy fried cauliflower, corn, avocado flavored with black bean mole sauce with pickled onions and greens. Unlike the usual chocolate mole, black bean mole has a salty richness that packs this taco with flavor.

The namesake taco, the Milssam Taco, was so popular at Damso that it sparked the creation of Milssam Tacorea itself. Beef belly, onion, lettuce and gochujang vin in a soft steam bun shell. The gochujang is mild with just enough of a sweet kick to linger delightfully on your lips.

Their seafood ceviche taco is a refreshing addition to the meal. Marinated shrimp and snapper, avocado, shallots and soy vin. The meat is tangy and sweet and the shell stayed crisp even though it was on the table for some time for pictures. The layering was well thought out to keep those conditions.

Makuli and rum “majito”

Milssam also has Korean-Mexican fusion drinks like a makuli and rum “majito” pictured above, Songria (soju and sangria) and Shikhae Horchata (horchata with malt, pictured below).  Makuli, rum, mint, lime and soda are a fantastic combination. The idea of the soda threw me off when I read the menu but I highly recommend giving it a try.

Shikhae Horchata

This wouldn’t be a taco place without Jarritos but in fusion cuisine fashion they’ve also imported the Korean 7-Up, Chilsung Cider.

KFC, Korean friend chicken

Their KFC, Korean friend chicken is exactly what you would expect from a good Korean bar. Glad Yaletown finally has an option for this.


Seems a little confusing why a souffle cheesecake is on the menu at a Korean taco place but when you have a bite, you’ll ask no questions and only be glad that it’s there instead of halfway across town. I prefer it with the strawberry compote, but I have a sweet tooth. Light, fluffy, freshly made in 30 minutes. So, if you plan to have one, order it when you order your food. Just as good as Uncle Tetsu’s without the lineup. I’m not sure this photo shows off the size of the cake, but I’ll tell you that it can generously serve 4 after the fried chicken.

1130 Mainland St, Vancouver, BC


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