Milestones: Girls’ Night Out

Girls’ Night Out @ Milestones

4 bellinis and 4 appetizers went for $40(before taxes) at Milestones on Robson. A great night with four of my best-ests however, was priceless.  After hearing about the Girls’ Night Out deal at Milestones, we’ve been dying to get together and try this out. That night, I went with CreepyGirl, SkullsAndStuds, and EndlessLegs.

The night started off with bellinis and who can complain about a good bellini? I have to admit that I don’t drink very much, and didn’t remember about brain freeze… so, remember folks, sipping too quickly on your frosty drink will leave you with a case of bad brain freeze!

While the Girls’ Night Out menu had 6 items (2 of them being salads), CreepyGirl decided for us that salad wasn’t food. She seemed really insistent on it and even exclaimed at one point, “No salad! SkullsAndStuds, you aren’t going to ruin this for the rest of us!” We ended up getting the Milestones’ Famous Hot Spinach and Artichoke Dip, Yam Frites, Baked Goat Cheese & Slow Roasted Garlic Flatbread Plate, and the Crispy Honey Phyllo Shrimp.

The artichoke dip also came with sour cream and salsa on the side and I had no complaints about it. I find that sometimes at other places, the dip cools off too quickly and the cheese makes it too thick, but in this case, it was quite consistent and was good to the end.

The Yam Frites I thought were average. They came with Chipotle sauce, which is typically standard with yam frites.

I don’t know my cheeses very well yet, but the goat cheese that came with this dish was awesome! It came baked, so it was easily spreadable. Don’t leave the cheese untouched for too long though because it starts getting harder to work with and clumpy. It also came with spiced cranberry relish, and fig jam. I found that the fig jam was a bit on the sweet side but still good.

Yum! Hello deep-fried morsels! The shrimp were perfectly fried and as you bit through the crunchy outer parts, it was moist and had the perfect bounce on your teeth. Yes! I’m describing it as having a good bounce. It wasn’t over cooked and tasted really fresh. The honey chipotle glaze was a bit too sweet for our liking though. We sort of hoped that it would have a bit more kick to it.

Overall, I thought that the food was solid. It didn’t blow me away, but for $40, I thought that it was a good deal. More importantly, what mattered most to me was the time spent with the people around the table. =)

Here’s to a good night! Guess what we did after dinner? We went shoe shopping.

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