Milestones: Decent food but on the pricey side

Diana Chan April 13, 2011 American, North Burnaby, Three Beakers

After studying, ConsultingGirl and I were hungry, so we headed over to Milestones. ConsultingGirl wanted something healthy, M didn’t want sushi and I didn’t want to revisit any restaurants in the Brentwood area. Somehow a long conversation in the car led to a decision to go to Milestones.

ConsultingGirl stayed true to her healthy path and ordered the grilled chicken salad ($12.99). It contains chicken, tortilla chips, cilantro, mixed greens and drizzled with a type of honey lime peanut sauce.

ConsultingGirl was happy with the size of the salad and thought the sauce used in the sauce was killer. (Maybe not enough to kill someone).  She had no complaints.

M ordered the KobeStyle Classic Meatloaf ($19.99). I don’t know if there was kobe beef in this, but I doubt it because kobe “style” doesn’t necessarily mean it is.  On top of the meat loaf are fried onions and it sits on top of garlic mashed potatoes and mushrooms. There is also brocollini on the side.

The size of the meatloaf was quite small for the price. M kept saying I tricked him into ordering this but he still ate everything. The meat was moist and tender but the fried onions give an illusion that the dish is bigger than it really is.

I ordered the Portobello Mushroom chicken ($18.99). This has  double breasts of chicken, portobello mushrooms and a cream sauce over capellini pasta. There was also brocollini on the side.

I did not like this dish too much. The chicken seemed a bit over done and the cream sauce was a bit too salty. On the menu it said double breast of chicken which is supposed to be a full breast of chicken. The chicken pieces were also small in my opinion and at first glance, it seems like the chicken breast is a pretty big size, but once you remove the mushrooms, the chicken is quite small. Either I got gipped or their chickens got small breasts. I still got full from my meal, but not too happy about the quality.

Overall, we had a decent time. With so many other restaurants that are somewhat similar in the area, I wouldn’t return unless there was a good special going on. Joeys, Cactus Club, and Browns Social House are all across the street.

Words of Wisdom:

  • Large parking lot
  • Items are a bit pricey

We Rate Milestones:


4420 Lougheed Hwy
Burnaby, BC

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  1. Ryan April 13, 2011 at 7:04 am

    Hope you used your ‘scene’ movie card if you have one. I heard from now ’til the 17th or something it’s double points at Milestones!

    Also, on the 27th of April, Milestones has their ‘date night’ where if you go as a couple (dating, friends, coworker, whatever), it’s buy one get one free on appetizers, entrees, and desserts (not sure if it meant one plate free or up to three though)

  2. DesignGirl April 13, 2011 at 2:38 pm

    Thanks for the tip. I think some of my friends are heading to the Milestones Downtown for that.

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