Milano Coffee Wins Two Gold Medals at International Coffee Tasting Awards

Diana Chan January 26, 2018 Cafe, Mount Pleasant/Main Street, news

Master roaster and co-owner of Milano Coffee, Brian Turko, is celebrating  after being awarded two gold medals for their espresso blends – Silk Lili and Concept #9 at the prestigious International Coffee Tasting Awards in the category of Non-Italian Blends or Single Origins Beans for espresso.

This international competition is organized by the International Institute of Coffee Tasters and was held in Guangzhou, China. Of the 162 coffees, 39 gold medals were awarded to coffees from Italy, Canada, China, Korea, Spain, Taiwan and Thailand. Milano‘s coffees were the sole winners from Canada. A great win indeed!

The additions of Silk Lili and Concept #9 to Milano’s previous gold wins for blends – La Futura, Butter, Velvet, Miscela Royale, Nuovo, Lucky 13, Cognac, Suave Rico, New Italian and Franks brings Milano’s grand tally to twelve gold medals in six years – which is no small feat. All the award-winners are available under Milano’s  Espresso Master’s Reserve line.

You can have it as an espresso shot or incorporated into any espresso-based beverage. I tried both Silk Lili and Concept #9 as espresso shots to taste the subtle differences between each blend and I gravitated towards the Silk Lili. When it came to have a latte, the Concept #9 espresso blend was great.

If you are ever passing by a Milano Coffee in Vancouver, remember to give the Silk Lili and Concept #9 espresso blends a try.

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  1. Shelly A January 26, 2018 at 8:38 am

    Wow, thats great for Milano. Congrats.

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