Mija’s Spanish Restaurant: Buffet At Stanley in Hong Kong

Diana Chan July 25, 2012 Buffet, Spanish, Stanley, Three Beakers

Stanley is a beautiful little town on Hong Kong Island. It’s a very popular place amongst locals and tourists. A beautiful historic landmark is Murray House, a Victorian-era building originally built in Central during 1846 as the officers’ quarters of the Murray Barracks. Since then, the building was relocated to Stanley sometime in 2000’s.

Inside Murray House is Mija’s Spanish Restaurant. They have buffet for $288 HK Dollars during lunch. There were other restaurants offering buffets, but this menu looked the best. Mija’s Spanish Restaurant is owned by the King Parrot Group, they own various types of restaurants all over Hong Kong.

You can sit indoors or outdoors. We decided to sit at the patio since it was a lovely day outside. Plus, it over looks the water.

You get a good look at the pier and surrounding areas. Not a bad lunch if you get a great view like this.

The buffet items are inside and you get a good amount of different dishes.

Besides just the buffet item, you can order additional items as well that is included in the buffet price. Plus, each person can choose between oysters or Goose liver.

Oysters were the popular choice at the table. Some others got the Goose Liver and it was pretty good.

Various starters.

Various salads and starters.

Tortilla Espanola with Chorizo and Paella.

Smoked Salmon

There are fresh pineapples, watermelon, honey dew, and strawberries.

There are 3 tiers of desserts in miniature cups. Ranging from Mango mousse to layer mousse with graham crackers.

Various cakes, tarts and profiteroles.

For my first plate, I had to get everything with meat! I was surprised by the variety of seafood and meat.

Round two was a bit of traditional spanish dishes, plus lots of fruit!

For my third plate, it was dessert time! I didn’t indulge in too many desserts since not a lot of them interested me. I got the ones with the mousse textures. Then I got more fruit and prosciutto.

Satay Chicken Skewers can be ordered to your table instead of going up to the tables. This ensures the food is fresh and not lying around of the tables. It tasted pretty good, but a tad dry.

Homemade Meatballs in Tomato Sauce is another item that can be ordered to your table. It tasted ok.

Crispy Fried Calamari was ordered too. The batter was light and delicate. It went well with the lemon and sauce.

Earl Grey Tea with Milk was my drink at the end of the meal. You have your choice of coffee or tea.

During your meal, you can be serenaded by lovely singers and guitar players. I’ve never had this treatment before and it definitely makes your dining experience so much more grand. They knew a lot of old classic songs, plus some newer hits. Randomly we asked if they knew Lady Gaga. They sang ‘Bad Romance’ and it was surprisingly good!

A few hours later, the pier got pretty busy as ships came in to load and unload passengers. It’s a great little area to stroll around after lunch.

You can watch people go fishing and see what they catch. It’s quite fun to watch! Close by, there is also the Stanley Market. You can do a bit of shopping. Don’t forget to visit Jenny Bakery as well because it’s very famous for their cookies. Locals and tourist go crazy after their cookies.

Overall, Mija’s Spanish Restaurant was alight. I love it more for the atmosphere and view rather than the food. The food was decent, but it wasn’t the most amazing buffet I’ve had.

Words of Wisdom:

  • Good variety of buffet items
  • Great patio view
  • Best to make reservations to ensure a good seat

We Rate Mija’s Spanish Restaurant:

Shop 102, 1/F, Murray House,
Stanley, Hong Kong


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