Michi Waffle House (Visit #2)

Diana Chan February 8, 2011 Cafe, Dessert, Robson Street/West End, Three Beakers


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I went to Michi Waffle with a few friends but I was a bit too full for dinner to enjoy their amazing waffles. So, I got some tea instead.

I ordered the Premium Macha . I like to buy things blindly, what can’t be exciting about something that starts with premium. This tea is made with real macha, even though it does look a bit milky at the top, it’s just the foam from mixing it. Like most teas that come without sugar, it was quite bitter and strong, which is usual for green teas. They even give you a bit of red bean jelly thing. It works well to counter act the bitterness of the tea.

I always come here with friends just to chill when theres nothing else to do on Robson, plus we are pretty asian, so we enjoy our teas and dessert. We prefer this place over the other places like Capstone Tea House.

The ambiance of Michi Waffle and Espresso Bar is the perfect place to have a conversation. If you go there on a date or a meeting, it will leave a lasting impression.

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