Michi Waffle & Expresso Bar

Diana Chan September 19, 2010 Dessert, Robson Street/West End, Three Beakers

Walking along Robson Street CanuckGirl, TaiwaneseGirl and I were looking to find something to satisfy our sweet tooth.

Michi Waffle & Expresso Bar caught my eye with their really pretty storefront display.

Walking into their store, the décor was very nice, simple and clean. Just the type of décor I like.

When I looked at their menu, I was confused and it took a while to see what waffle options we had. There was a small waffle menu near the fridge…and then there was the main menu on the wall that had the drinks and the waffle platters. Perhaps they could have had the menu in one booklet to give consumers all their options.

After thinking for a while we got the 2 waffle platter for $9. We chose the chocolate waffle and the original. It also comes with vanilla ice cream, whipped cream, banana, and strawberry sauce.

Once the platter arrived, we dug in! The original waffle was quite boring and not too interesting, but when you added the ice cream on it, it tasted good. On the other hand, it might have been the ice cream that was really good. The chocolate waffle was the original waffle but covered in chocolate sauce. I particularly liked the chocolate waffle because of the extra texture it gave the waffle.

The banana did not taste like the banana’s you would buy at the store. It was a bit starchy and different but good.

Overall, it is one of the better waffle places I have been to because the waffles were crunchy rather than bland and boring. Plus, the plating of the waffles looked good and appealing to the eye.

After devouring that, I got thirsty, so I ordered a latte. Yes, I love latte’s; they are like cappuccinos, but with more milk and less foam. The coffee was good and their latte art is quite unique. Reminded me of Café Artigiano. You can tell they are skilled baristas by the machines they use and the foam art they produce.

They could really make more than just coffee and waffles. I think if they had more variety than just waffles, more people would go to this place.

The ambiance of Michi Waffle and Espresso Bar is the perfect place to have a conversation. If you go there on a date or a meeting, it will leave a lasting impression.

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