Meinhardt Fine Foods: In Search of Dessert

Diana Chan September 13, 2014 Fairview, product


Meinhardt Fine Foods is located on Granville Street and 14th ave. M and I were in this area having dinner and we thought it would be cool to check out this grocery store and grab some desserts to eat at home.


This grocery store has shelves stacked up high with a lot of product everywhere. I just love browsing the aisles.


Going up and down the aisles was an adventure because they would stock cool stuff just like Whole Foods.


Lots and lots of olive oil and various dressings.


Dairy section


Meat section, but they do have a butcher at the rear section of the restaurant.


Fruit and vegetable section


It has a good selection of produce and product, but the prices are pretty expensive compared to other grocery stores. It’ll be hard to find a good deal at Meinhardt. It’s like they were trying to be a Whole Foods.


One aisle of the store has ready to go food in their display cases.


I did see a few people ordering food to-go and eating it at the tables outside. The salads looked pretty good.


Lots of packaged meals too. There’s juice, set dinners, salad, etc.


I found what I was looking for…. desserts! Sweet sweet desserts. So many cute tarts!


Linda’s Double Chocolate Brownie ($4.95) was very expensive for just one brownie. I got it anyways since I was craving some. The piece is large, so you could say it was the size of 2 brownies. It was good and was very rich. I thought it was a pretty damn good brownie.


Hazelnut nougat cookie ring was pretty good and i just love hazelnuts. yum.


Hazelnut Florentine with milk chocolate was very promising, but i didn’t like how it would stick to my teeth very easily. All the hazelnuts were delicious but perhaps I should have gotten a tin of hazelnuts to eat haha.


This cookie chocolate thing , which I don’t remember what it’s called was actually really good! It was a good ratio of chocolate and cookie.


Overall, it was a nice place to walk around and browse through everything, but it was expensive. Some of the dessert treats were really good especially their brownie! It’s not everyday you find good sweets in a grocery store.

As for their products like chips, crackers, etc, it isn’t worth it here.

We Rate Meinhardt

3002 Granville Street
Vancouver BC


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