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Diana Chan September 18, 2010 Commercial Drive / Grandview, Two Beakers

Megabite pizza at Commercial Skytrain is probably all commuters dream! This is probably some damn good cheap pizza you have ever had if you are heading to Vancouver or Burnaby.

I was heading back from The Town Advanced Screening, M wanted some pizza from Megabite since he heard it was decent pizza and super cheap.

Walking into the place, there were about 10 different types of pizza to choose from if you are into individual slices. Everything looked SO delicious but I came in for a whole pizza.

When I was ordering you can choose up to 3 toppings, they have lots of toppings to choose from. I decided to have grilled chicken, Chorizo sausage, and pepperoni…. But the cashier made a mistake so I ended up with grilled chicken, chorizo sausage, and pineapple.  Pineapple isn’t my thing but M liked it.

The wait was about 15 minutes and it came in a box obviously. It was a bit weird waiting inside cause the interior seemed pretty dirty and sticky so I just waited outside.

You can also add extra sauce to your pizza free of cost. Theres ranch sauce, chili flakes, cheese, and hot sauce.

Price List:

Slice – $2

2 slices and a pop – $4.75

Small pizza – 5.99

Medium pizza – $8.99

Large Pizza – $ 10.99

XL pizza – $13.99

If you need a quick bite or need some pizza to recover from clubbing, Megabite pizza has huge slices of pizza for $2! There is no need to ever go to Panago, Dominos, or pizza hut ever again! It’s not the BEST pizza in the word but it’s good for the price.

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