MegaBite Pizza (Production Skytrain): The Case of the Burnt Food

Diana Chan March 23, 2011 North Burnaby, One Beaker

A new Megabite Pizza location opened up on at Production Skytrain. M and I felt like a pizza craving, so we went online to order what we wanted. We could of had them deliver to where we were, but it was cheaper just picking it up.

We ordered an extra large pizza and a side. The extra large box was HUGE! It took up the entire passenger side seat. It smelled so heavenly driving back home with the aroma of freshly baked pizza.

We got an XL pizza ($13.99). The 3 toppings that we added on top were peperoni, green peppers and onions. We also got to choose a dip and so we chose the honey garlic sauce.

This pizza did not compare to the one in Commercial Skytrain. It was pretty average and the quality was totally off from what they would usually make. The crust was not and addictive… and it was missing its trademark sesame seed crust.

We also ordered a side of Crazy spinach rolls ($4.49). We only ordered one and  4 pieces came in the box. At first glance, we noticed something wrong. All the spinach was burnt on the sides and the bottom was burnt.

M took a few bites but we gave up because it was like eating cancer. I braved through it all and the outside was just horrible, the only enjoyable part was in the center since it was gooey with cheese.

Overall, I we were really disappointed. Very disappointed! We both vowed we would never return to this location ever again!

We Rate Megabite Pizza (Production Skytrain):


160-3292 Production Way
Burnaby, BC


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