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Diana Chan December 27, 2011 Downtown, Sandwich, Three Beakers

I’ve been to Meat & Bread plenty of times but I always seem to go back for some mouth watering sandwiches. They have their usual items and once in a while they have some unique sandwiches. I’ve had some good and bad experiences here, but this visit was one of the good ones.

Meat & Bread is one of the most talked about restaurants in town and they just keep everything simple. Their menu is quite limited but you won’t be disappointed…unless you are a vegetarian.

Pemberton Meadows Braised Beef, House Made Chipotle BBQ Sauce, Scallion Cabbage Slaw ($8)

This was their special of the day. I usually keep up on their twitter to check out any interesting creations they have since I am usually in the area. This sandwich has a lot of meat and with the sauces … it was quite messy to eat, but it was delicious.

Porchetta ($8) is their most famous sandwich! It’s has savory, fatty, and moist boneless pork roast with some verde sauce. The best part is crunching on the crispy “cracklings”  aka the skin. Similar to the Chinese roasted pork.

It can be a bit oily or fatty for certain people’s palettes. For M, he loved it and wouldn’t give me more than a bite.

Overall, it makes for a good lunch, but the price of $8 for just a sandwich can turn off some people.

Words of Wisdom:

  • Best to go early to ensure nothing is sold out, 11am is good and it’s empty
  • Porchetta is the most popular but the other sandwiches are also delicious
  • The sauces are a must try
  • Dandelion & Burdock Soda is good!

We rate Meat & Bread: 
370 Cambie Street
Vancouver, BC

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