McDonalds: New McBistro Sandwiches

Diana Chan February 26, 2012 Fast Food, Food for Thought

I was walking at Metrotown and I saw that McDonalds has new sandwiches called the ‘McBistro’. They are a new line of chicken sandwiches, which are for people who are a bit health conscious. You can have the option of having grilled chicken or fried chicken in your sandwich. The sandwiches come in 3 types:

  • Chicken BLT
  • Southwest Chicken
  • Swiss Mushroom Melt

A combo costs $7.59 and just the sandwich is $5.19. These were the prices at Metrotown, but may be different at other locations.

Southwest Chicken McBistro with fried chicken was nothing interesting. It just had lettuce, swiss cheese, tomato, southwest sauce and the patty between the whole grain bun.

The fried chicken is so uniform in shape that it looks kinda gross. For a second I almost mistook it for a hashbrown. We didn’t take a particular liking to it since it was just so plain. I think it would have been better if it was the grilled chicken instead of the deep fried.

Chicken BLT McBistro with grilled chicken has mayo, lettuce, tomatoes, bacon, and chicken between the whole grain bun.

The chicken looked pretty good and natural. It didn’t have the same uniform shape as the fried chicken. The chicken looked like it was real chicken meat.

There was also a good amount of bacon on the sandwich, so I was not disappointed. I would have to say the Chicken BLT is probably the best out of the bunch. I haven’t tried the swiss mushroom, but that might be good.

Overall, the McBistros are pretty good only if you get the grilled chicken option. They are probably only available for a limited time, so get them before they’re gone.

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  1. You don't say? March 1, 2012 at 7:20 pm

    Their McBistro Southwest Grilled Chicken Sandwich is awesome! Even though when I got the Sandwich on a midnight run to McD’s it was poorly assembled – the cheese was running off to side and the grilled chicken was basically falling out of the front of the bun – it was still pretty damn good.

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