McDonalds Macau: Iced Drinks at The Venetian

Diana Chan October 16, 2012 Fast Food, Macau

We took a quick visit to the The Venetian in Macau. It’s an exact copy of the one in Vegas. The whole place was super confusing to walk around and most items were really really expensive.

As I can be pretty cheap sometimes and a huge lover of fast food, we went to McDonalds to grab some drinks before heading to dinner.

The interior was really nice and I guess it had to be as it is in The Venetian. There were lots of people here!

I really love McCafes in Asia, they have lots of variations in drinks.

Since there are so many people, you get a number to wait for your drinks. When its ready, they will bring it to your table.

During the Summer, McDonalds was promoting their Summer drinks – Chocolate Cookie Frappe, Soy Green tea Frappe, and the Himalayan Tea Frappe. We got the small size and they were $27 HKD each.

Chocolate Cookie Frappe was my favorite! It’s very chocolaty and will impress chocolate lovers.

Soy Green tea Frappe was ordered by my little sister and it’s her favorite drink. She will only get this drink at McDonalds.

Himalayan Tea Frappe was ordered by my mom and she thought it was OK. Its light and refreshing, but not as popular as the other 2 flavours.

Have your tried these drinks yet?


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