McDonalds Korea: Bulgogi Burger

Diana Chan August 24, 2012 Fast Food, Gangnam

I was strolling through my last day of Korea finding a McDonalds to try to find a Kimchi Burger or something really cool and different than in North America. I wandered off into the Gangnam area and I found so many shops and restaurants.

Some items were similar to wat you would find in North America, but I had my eye on the Bulgogi Burger. They even have calories too so you know how much you are consuming. I also noticed they don’t sell fish!

It even has its own special wrapper! I laughed when I saw ” A sauce sensation”.

Inside you have the pork patty with the bulgogi marinade. It also has lettuce and mayo inside. The marinade made this burger sticky to eat if you aren’t careful. I wasn’t a big fan of this since it was a bit sweet and salty in some ways.

It was still fun trying out an item I would not get in Canada.

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