McDonald’s Canada: Italian Pesto Chicken Burger Review

Diana Chan July 4, 2018 British Columbia, Fast Food

McDonalds is coming up with so many sandwiches this month. With their World Taste Tour launching from June 18 till July 29 with 5 new items.

Italian Pesto Chicken Sandwich

The Italian Pesto Chicken Sandwich is available for a limited time only from July 2nd to July 15th. This is their 4th product to launch for their World Taste Tour. This sandwich has fresh arugula, pesto aioli sauce, slice of tomato, shaved parmesan, and a chicken patty inside a toasted focaccia bun, sprinkled with rosemary.

It’s a good size for a chicken burger as the focaccia bun is pretty big. The star of the show is the pesto aioli sauce as it is very tasty and pairs with the chicken. The shaved parmesan was ok, but it didn’t add much to it. Certain parts of the sandwich was a bit dry if the sauce isn’t spread evenly. It was ok to try once. It just reminded me of a dressed up Mc Chicken.

Don’t forget, this isn’t the only new International inspired menu at McDonalds over the next month as they take customers on a World Taste Tour.


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  1. Dino July 11, 2018 at 5:38 pm

    I found the sandwich bad as its a ground chicken pattie dressed up in bread crumbs. I was expecting an actual piece of breaded breast meat not predigested make believe chicken. I was disappointed in the taste of Italy, expected better from McD.

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