McDonalds Canada: 20-Piece Chicken McNuggets Fan Pack

Diana Chan February 18, 2014 British Columbia, Fast Food


McDonalds created the Fan Pack to have people share the moment during the 2014 Olympic games in Sochi. It costs $13.99 and it contains:

  • 20 McNuggets
  • 2 Medium Fries
  • 2 Medium Drinks
  • 2 Cookies
  • 2 limited edition Coca Cola pins

You can find this at most McDonalds in Canada. It a great item to bring friends if you are all watching the game together. Unfortunately, M and I don’t have cable, so we bought this box and watched some Netflix. It’s a quick meal for 2 very lazy people on a weekend.


The inside of the box houses all the food.


Coke! Not the most healthiest drink, but its nice to feel the bubbles fizzle down your throat.


Two of their soft baked cookies come in a little bag, they taste ok for cookies. Nothing amazing.


The best part are the nuggets. They are split up into 2 boxes of 10 and you can ask them for whatever sauce you want. Our choices were hot mustard and sweet and sour sauce.


nom nom nom nom. All them nuggets.


The best part of the Fan pack is really about collecting the pins. We only got 2 pins and we are missing 2 more. I’m not sure if we will get another fan pack, but we really want to have the other 2 to complete the collection.

Have you had the Fan Pack yet?


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  • I’ve been on a pin collecting hunt. I have duplicates of pin 3 and you can go to other mcds to trade them. The one in richmond centre was pretty nice and gave me pin 2 for free!

  • John

    FYI, everything is streamed online (free) at CBC’s website. No cable required!

  • ivy

    is the fan pack still available?

  • Luca M Daedalus

    Is this still a thing, minus the pins? I’m always really hungry so this’d be perfect for a snack cx