McDonald’s Canada: Chinese Szechuan Burger Review

Diana Chan June 18, 2018 British Columbia, Fast Food

I love it when McDonalds comes up with new menu items throughout the year. With their World Taste Tour launching from June 18 till July 29 with 5 new items.

Chinese Szechuan Burger

The Chinese Szechuan Burger is available June 18th to July 1st. It has 100% Canadian beef topped with Szechuan sauce, crispy wontons, tomato, leaf lettuce, grilled onions, and mayo, on a toasted black and white sesame seed bun.

A lot of people are going crazy over the Szechuan sauce as it was popular in the United States and popularized by Rick and Morty. McDonalds Canada states that this is not the same Szechuan sauce and is a unique Canadian recipe. I’ve never tried the US version, so I wouldn’t know if its similar or not.

I liked the larger beef patty, crispy wontons and that Szechuan sauce, which makes this burger stand out.

Don’t forget, this isn’t the only new International inspired menu at McDonalds over the next month as they take customers on a World Taste Tour.


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  1. Connie Leung June 19, 2018 at 5:05 am

    That sesame bun looks soooo polished! Haha. The crispy wonton has me there

  2. Allan June 22, 2018 at 7:29 pm

    Looked welfare but tasted pretty good. Had takeout so the wonton crisps weren’t very crispy by the time I got home. Mayo and szechuan sauce played well together.

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