McDonalds Canada: Steak Steak Steak

Diana Chan March 13, 2014 British Columbia, Canadian, Fast Food

Currently, McDonalds Canada is having their Steak on Demand promotion from February 18 – March 31, 2014. The Steak n’ Egg Bagel and their Steak n’ Caesar Signature Wraps are two items they are featuring throughout the campaign.

I came for breakfast with a coworker for a coffee, but I saw the steak promos and I caved and got the Steak n’ Egg Bagel.


Steak n’ Egg Bagel is made with seasoned steak, folded eggs, processed cheddar cheese, sautéed onions, HP steak sauce, on either regular or multigrain bagel.


Once you take the bagel apart, it really doesn’t look that impressive. The first few bites were really good, but as I kept eating it, it got saltier and saltier. The steak patty was packed with pepper and salt, so you really couldn’t taste the true steak flavour. It tasted like their regular beef patty but with more spices.


Overall, it’s an interesting concept to offer steak 24/7, but for a good steak, you won’t find it here.


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