McDonalds Canada: Mighty Angus Burger with Jalapenos

Diana Chan November 10, 2014 British Columbia, Fast Food


Earlier this month, McDonalds Canada introduced the Mighty Angus Burger with Jalapeños. It is made with grass and grain-fed cattle from Lewis Farm in Alberta. We were not sure what was so mighty about this burger, but M really wanted to give it a try.

Besides this burger, their Angus burger line-up also includes:

  • Bacon and Cheese Angus Third Pounder
  • Deluxe Angus Third Pounder

In the past, they used to have a mushroom and swiss Angus Burger, but it seems like it was discontinued.


It comes in their regular Angus burger box.


Mighty Angus with Jalapeños has creamy BBQ sauce, jalapeño pepper slices, jalapeño crisps, hickory smoked bacon, Monterey Jack cheese, onions and the beef patty n the sesame seed bun.

The burger comes at a whopping 810 Calories and 1160mg of sodium…..ouch!


Apart from the addition of the Jalapeños, nothing about this burger is new or amazing. The patty seems to have shrunk a little bit too and the circumference of the bun is a bit bigger making the patty seem tiny. The bacon has been improved and grown in size compared to the bacon in the other type of burgers. It actually resembles real bacon.

M thought the burger was decent, but it still doesn’t compare to the Angry Whopper from Burger King.


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