McDonalds Canada: McLobster

Diana Chan June 19, 2015 British Columbia, Fast Food


Throughout June, McDonalds is featuring 5 different ‘Canadian’ menu items for a limited time. It’s supposed to show off the flavour profiles of Canada.

It’s finally here! MCLOBSTER! I’ve been waiting years to get my hands on this because I didn’t want to travel to the East Coast. It costs $7.49 for only the sandwich, but if you want the combo, it is around $10. Definitely more expensive than their other menu items.


The McLobster represents the Atlantic provinces. In the soft buttery roll is shredded lettuce and the lobster/lemon/sauce/celery mixture. I’m not exactly sure whats in it, but there is a dominant lemon taste.

What I found with the sandwich is that it is VERY inconsistent when it comes to the amount and quality of lobster.

I went with about 10 of my coworkers to McDonalds and the group consensus was that it was decent, but they wouldn’t order it again. It was fun to try and tell others they tried it.


This one didn’t have large chunks but it it had lot of smaller pieces. More like a mush.


This one had 2 huge pieces but the middle was quite sparse. I’m sure they have some sort of quality control, but it’s really not seen. When I went on Instagram, the amount of filling varied so much.

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