McDonald’s Canada: Fish & Chips Review

Diana Chan May 14, 2019 Fast Food

McDonald’s Canada is back with their ‘Great Canadian Tastes’ Menu featuring Fish & Chips and Chocolate Nanaimo McFlurry inspired by Canadian flavours from coast to coast.

The Fish & Chips represents the East Coast. It is made with 2 pieces of 100% wild-caught MSC certified sustainable Atlantic Haddock coated with a golden, crunchy batter, and served with classic McDonald Fries and a tartar dipping sauce.

The Fish & Chips is $7.29 for the 2 pieces of Haddock, fries and a container of tartar sauce. Pretty expensive but it’s not often that they have fish items on the menu except filet-o-fish. The fries were crispy, tartar sauce was good as usual, but the haddock was a bit on the small size. Imagine a really big McNugget size. It’s fun to try it once but I would order something else next time.

It’s only available until June 17th, 2019, so catch it before it’s gone.


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  1. derrick mcgrath May 15, 2019 at 6:19 pm

    Pathetic excuse and serving of a loved favorite food in Canada and around the world! Basically two HIGHLINER fishsticks….HIGHLINER make and sells better quality of frozen fish and chips in your grocers frozen section..I was flabbergasted when I open the little square box…I should have known when I saw the advertising with the piece of fish actually fit into the tartar sauce container which is barely bigger than the ketchup cups you use when eating in their restaurant…stick to your burgers Micky D…this was a bad waste of my money….

  2. Anne May 16, 2019 at 1:27 pm

    Fish was dry & too small Wouldn’t order again thanks

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